E-Newsletter May 2002

All Aboard the Siemens Explorer!

Hurry to book your tickets for the Siemens Explorer - 300 metres of the latest manufacturing technology and audiovisual equipment. The explorer will be touring Britain, stopping at 10 locations along the way. Contact us for the itinerary and we'll reserve your place.

On board the Siemens Explorer you'll find the very latest audiovisual equipment, working demonstrations of manufacturing and processing plants, video case studies and illustrations of best practice from around the world.

Check out the Siemens Explorer at the following venues:




Siemens Explorer

Find out how best practice in manufacturing technology can directly result in better products, increased business efficiency and higher profits.
9th/10th May Manchester (Piccadilly)
13th /14th May Glasgow (Motherwell)
16th/17th May Edinburgh (Millerhill)
20th/21st May Newcastle (Tyne Yard)
23rd/24th May Leeds (Wakefield Europort)
28th/30th May Birmingham (NEC Hall17)
Please check with us for confirmation of these details.

Siemens Micromaster

Micromaster made Simple

If you need a little help in choosing the Micromaster that best suits your needs, visit our website to download the Siemens Simple Guide to Standard Variable Speed Drives. This useful guide summarises the main features of the Micromaster 410, 420 and 440 as well as providing a simplified, general introduction to variable speed drives. If more technical information is required, full specifications can also be downloaded from the site, or you can email us at LPC.

With ever increasing pressure to reduce emmissions of greenhouse gases and to reduce energy consumption, the installation of energy saving motors can be a wise move. To discuss the benefits of micromaster variable speed drives and how they could assist your energy saving targets contact us today.

Success is all about making the right connections

It is often said that success in life is all about making the right connections; the same can be said about the manufacturing industry. Data communication between components throughout a production line, from sensors to desktop pcs, is essential for optimum efficiency.

At LPC we can offer the complete connectivity package, from cable connections from Brad Harrison, to PC cards from Applicom and SST. We can enable your plant machinery to connect and communicate at all levels - allowing communication between Allen Bradley and Siemens' PLCs.

LPC Connectivity
LPC Connectivity
LPC Connectivity

Visit our website to see the range of Brad Harrison, SST and Applicom products available through LPC. For assistance in connectivity solutions, contact our experts at LPC.

LPC Connectivity

LPC Connectivity

LPC Connectivity
Keeping You Connected and Up To Date

Designed to facilitate the growing requirement to extend office communication networks to the factory floor, in order to provide access to real time process control and monitoring information the Woodhead Connectivity RJ-Lnxx robust IP67 rated RJ-45 connectivity system has been created to provide a secure and trouble free link able to operate in arduous environments.

The RJ-Lnxx range incorporates male and female connectors, splitter boxes and machine mountable Ethernet switches.

Applications include machine monitoring & control, data acquisition, vision based quality control systems, thermal image monitoring, visual displays, weighing, labeling and barcode scanning, machine tool, mechanical handling and food processing. In addition the system is ideal for a range of datacoms applications in harsh environments such as railways, airports, military and construction applications.

The RJ-Lnxx connectivity product range complements the extensive connectivity solutions product range available from LPC - incorporating Brad Harrison cables and splitter boxes and the Applicom board range designed for PC based applications such as HMI, SCADA, MES , RDBM and spreadsheets which require communication with devices connected on fieldbuses or industrial networks.

LPC can provide extensive expertise and assistance with your connectivity applications - contact us today to discuss your application or for further information on the RJ-Lnxx Ethernet connectivity products.

Locked into Safety with the SICK T4000 Safety Interlock

The T4000 compact, non-contact, safety interlocks from Sick allow your production equipment to function perfectly, regardless of external influences, and provide extremely effective protection against manipulation.
Thanks to a newly developed combination of a reader head and integrated evaluation unit, the T4000 systems can be used for an even broader range of applications to ensure 100% safety.
Ideally suited for the automotive, foodstuffs, timber and minerals industries the T4000 will operate under extreme conditions.
For more information contact us TODAY

The T4000 is only one of the many SICK safety products available from LPC - the range incorporating light curtains and proximity laser scanners and many other items. Check out the range of safety products by visiting our safety web page.

If you want advice on any safety related applications please contact our team of experts and we will be pleased to offer advice and assistance

SICK Safety


SICK Safety