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LPC in partnership with Sick provide solutions to all your industrial machine and personnel safety requirements. From applications advice, safety systems wiring advice , supply of photo-electric sensors, interlocks and lasers sensors LPC offer a one-stop-shop for industrial safety.

SICK C400 Light curtain

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C4000 safety light curtain

Safety Category 4
Detection Time <20ms

Hot off the production line and available now from LPC is the NEW Sick C4000 Safety Light Curtain with increased performance and many new features.
Rated Category 4, the C4000 provides a cost effective and individual solution to safety applications regardless of the hazardous point of operation or danger area involved. With a small profile cross section, protective field heights of between 300 - 1800mm and capable of operating in either vertical or horizontal mounting the C4000 is a truly versatile safety product.

C4000 safetly light curtain product specification and technical details in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF)

FGS Light Curtain

Safety Category 4
Detection time <15ms

The FGS safety light curtain consists of a transmitter and receiver operating on a grid priciple. The system offers a high integrity self-checking guard housed in an extremely robust profile of varying length.
Applications for finger and hand protection, typically on presses, automatic assembly and packing machines

SICK FGS Light Curtain
C2000 Safety Light Grid

Safety Category 2
Detection Time 7-34ms depending upon number of beams

The C2000 safety light grid consists of a transmitter and receiver unit, rated at Category 2 the system can perform test procedures at specified regular intervals. Coding options prevent interference from adjacent installations. Applications include safeguarding of textile machinery, storage and conveyor systems and electronic assembly equipment
M2000 Multi Beam Photoelectric Safety Switch

Safety Category 2
Detection Time <15ms

The M2000 consists of a transmitter and receiver has a number of built in features including a self-test option and beam coding. Applications include entry/exit on conveyors, packaging machinery and palletisers.
MSLMulti Beam Safety Photoelectric Switch

Safety Category 4
Detection time <20ms

The MSL is a multi beam safety system consisting of a transmitter and receiver available in various lengths and beam options. The system provides complete protection with category 4 outputs and functions such as muting. Applications include perimeter guarding of robotic machines, loading machines, palletisers and minerals handling machinery.
Proximity Laser Scanner

Safety category 3
Detection time >80ms

The PLS laser scanner uses infra-red light to monitor its environment without the use of a reflector. The unit operates on the "time of flight" principle and so can accurately measure the distance between itself and any object, this enables the PLS to detect any infringement of its protected area. The PLS horizontally scans over a 180 degree arc up to a range of approximately 50m, the secure protective field having a potential radius of 4m whilst the warning field having a potential radius of 15m. Field zones can be programmed to suit site conditions and safety requirements. Applications include personnel protection on driverless transport systems, robots and insertion stations.
WSU/WEU Photoelectric Switch

Safety Category 4
Detection Time <15ms

The WSU/WEU photoelectric switch system is a single beam non-contact protective system consisting of a transmitter and receiver. Rated as Category 4 the path of light can be controlled with the use of mirrors - however this does reduce the scanning range.


An extensive range of electro-mechanical and magnetic safety interlocks suitable for a wide variety of applications is avaialable from LPC - contact us for advice or download technical details

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