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 SST Network Connectivity Solutions

Network Connectivity Solutions  

Available from LPC is the extensive range of SST Network Connectivity Solutions components - providing communications products for over 40 industrial networks and comprising:

SST Network Connectivity Solutions

Network Interface Cards
SST Network Interface Cards connect a computer directly to an open industrial network.
Networks include: CANopen, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Interbus and Profibus, as well as networks from Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley, Reliance) Schneider Electric (Modicon) and Siemens.
Computer architectures supported include ISA, PCI, Compact PCI, PC Card (PCMCIA), PC/104, and VME.
Applications include PC Control, HMI/OI/SCADA, data acquisition, motion control and programming software.

SST Network Connectivity Solutions
PLC Network Modules
SST PLC Network Modules allow you to connect a programmable controller to different industrial networks.
PLCs supported include Allen Bradley, PLC-5, SLC500, GE Fanuc Series90-70. and Reliance AutoMax.
Networks supported include Allen Bradley DH/DH+/RIO, AS-Interface, DeviceNet, Interbus, Profibus and Reliance AutoMax DCS/RIO.
SST also interfacesSiemens ET200S I/O to DeviceNet.

SST Network Connectivity Solutions
Network Diagnostic and Configuration Software
SST Network and Diagnostic Software allows you to monitor, diagnose and configure your network.
These software programs are available for SST Network Interface Cards and PLC Network Modules.

SST Network Connectivity Solutions
Data Servers
SST Data Servers include OPC and DDE Servers used to integrate your software application with SST Network Interface Cards.
SST Network Connectivity Solutions
Network Gateways / Protocol Converters
SST Network Gateways are stand alone products that provide a communications solution between two otherwise incompatible industrial networks or between a manufacturers device and an industrial network.
SST Network Connectivity Solutions
I/O Simulation Software
SST I/O Simulation Software (PICS) allows you to perform control systems testing and operator training before you go online. Using PICS you can quickly create a dynamic model on a PC that duplicates the behavior of the actual process and provides the control software with simulated device feedback.
SST Network Connectivity Solutions
Embedded Network Solutions
SST Embedded Network Solutions provide OEMs and device manufacturers with tools to integrate industrial network connectivity into their products quickly.
SST Network Connectivity Solutions
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