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Product Overview

Micromaster 4 is the new Siemens universal drive series for AC motors from 120W up to 90kW. It distinguishes itself by its new, user-friendly parameter structure, simple installation and commissioning as well as the fact that it can be simply integrated into automation projects, e.g. using Drive ES (Drive Engineering Software), whilst easily accessible terminals and interchangeable operator panels simplify installation and start-up.


MICROMASTER 420 - General Purpose Standard Drive (0.12kW - 11kW)

  • Flux-current control (FCC) to optimise the voltage applied to the motor at all frequencies and under all load conditions. This ensures the best possible immunity to tripping/stalling under load transient conditions and assures the necessary torque levels whilst minimising the heating effects in the motor
  • Slip compensation for constant motor speeds under changing load conditions.
  • "Flying re-start" function allows the inverter to be re-connected to motors which are still spinning after a brief power interruption.
  • Freely-programmable digital Inputs & Outputs
  • The analogue I/O can be flexibly programmed (offset, range, addition to the digital set point etc.).
  • Multi-point V/f characteristics for use with synchronous motors and reluctance motors
  • Sophisticated dc injection braking and "compound braking" to assure minimum motor stopping times
  • Fast current limit and Vdc max. controllers guarantee that if the specified ramp times are too short for the load the drive adapts and does not trip.
  • The pulse frequency is automatically optimised for low noise operation assuming that the ambient temperature and load conditions permit.
  • Integrated Kilowatt-hour measurement for energy consumption.
  • BICO (Binary Connector) technology allows the inputs/outputs to be soft-wired to function blocks in the drive inverter.
  • Interchangeable operator panels which can be simply connected to the drive; either BOP (Basic Operator Panel) for individual commissioning, or AOP (Advanced Operator Panel) which can be used to commission and control up to 31 drive inverters. The AOP can save up to 10 data sets. Data sets, saved in the AOP, can be directly loaded into another drive (after connecting the AOP) or via the built in Serial link.

MICROMASTER 440 - High Performance Standard Drive (0.12kW - 90kW)

The MICROMASTER 440 is the latest drive product from the MICROMASTER 4 series. It has high-performance vector control and many attractive product features for speed and torque control of induction motors. This makes it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

Additional features over MICROMASTER 420:

  • Frame sizes A, B, C, D, E, F
  • Output up to 75kW (Constant Torque="CT") or 90kW (Variable Torque="VT")
  • High-performance Vector control (no encoder)
  • Encoder feedback option if required.
  • 6 freely programmable digital inputs
  • 3 freely programmable digital outputs (relay)
  • 2 flexible analogue inputs, which may also be used as digital inputs
  • 2 analogue outputs
  • Integrated braking chopper
  • Overload capability, 200% rated current for 3 s, 150% rated current for 60 s (within 5 min.)
  • High quality integrated PID controller (auto-tuning)

The MICROMASTER products are naturally CE marked and fulfill the specifications of the EC Low Voltage Directive and EC EMC Directive. They are also in compliance with UL and cUL.

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