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LPC Solutions utilises the expertise of our team of automation and control specialists in the provision of complete solutions for client applications - solutions encompassing consultancy services, components, service contracts and ongoing customer support. Our company philosophy of building long term customer relationships forms the basis of our provision of complete solutions.

LPC provides a service to clients based upon recommending the best value and performance components for customer applications. Our team of automation and control specialists applying their expertise in the application of components and establishment of solutions. Through our well established relationships with our suppliers we are able to identify and source the best value and performance components for specific applications.

LPC provide a range of service contracts to clients based upon the supply of spares and technical support for solutions to applications provided by LPC. Contracts covering various levels of service and timescales provide clients with peace of mind.

Our team of automation and control specialists is always available to provide full technical support and advice to our clients on all manner of subjects. By continually evaluating and monitoring the latest developments in the fields of automation and control we are able to provide a most comprehensive support service.

Utilising our expertise in the field of automation and control, and our Partnership Programme with system integrators, we are able to provide a comprehensive service to clients, advising on solutions and applications costs. Our services to major 'Blue Chip' companies reflect the expertise and respect of our team.

With all this accumulated expertise we can offer clients technical advice on the approach, the products and the solutions for their particular application.

If you have any potential applications and would like the advice of our applications engineers then please contact us in writing, by email or phone / fax giving as much technical detail as possible.

Some solutions include:

Double Dough BarCheck Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
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Double Dough BarCheck  
Using a well proven sensing system, the LPC sensor will detect the presence of a 'Double Dough' in baking tins. Looking from above a tin, the output from the sensor can easily be integrated into your control system to give an alarm or simply stop the conveyor. With more suppliers printing bar coded labels "in-house" the LPC BarCheck offers a cost effective, reliable method of scanning products regardless of orientation to ensure that they are carrying correct and readable bar codes.  

These solutions give you the confidence of quality components with the power of LPC's application solution advice

Contact us now with your specific application and gain access to the experts that could assist you.

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