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Through the application of the experience, knowledge and expertise of our team of automation and control specialists LPC often develops innovative solutions to client problems. Where these solutions are recognised as being applicable to a wider marketplace they are developed commercially as LPC systems.

BarCheck Bar Code Verification
Can you provide your customers with assurances that your products are carrying barcodes which are:

  • present
  • correct
  • readable

With the LPC BarCheck you can.
Suitable for most major barcodes, the system provides 100% inspection and validation of product barcodes - any product not carrying a barcode, carrying a wrong code or unreadable code will cause the system to alarm (audible and visual, stopping the production line or rejecting the product).
This cost effective, simple to install and operate system provides assurance that products despatched are code correct.


  • Automatic label and production control
  • 100% check on all product bar codes
  • Increased customer confidence
  • reduced product non-conformance
  • Early incorrect code detection
  • Early non-readable code detection
  • Early missing code detection
  • Cost savings
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LPC GlueDetect
The LPC GlueDetect system detects the presence of hot and water based glues as applied to products on packaging lines, alerting the operator and either rejecting product or stopping the process in the event of glue application failure. The LPC GlueDetect system avoids problems associated with packaging failures and thus enhances client confidence. Applications include packaging, stationary manufacture and paper bag manufacturing.

LPC LineCheck
The LPC LineCheck is a simple to install, accurate line count/production prediction unit utilising the latest software and hardware techniques to enable prediction of when a production process is approaching batch capacity/order completion.
An invaluable aid for production planning, the LPC LineCheck offers considerable benefits of time and cost savings associated with production changeovers combined with increased production flexibility and greater counting accuracy.
Applications in the food and drink industry include bottling lines, canning lines, filling lines, picking and packaging lines.

Through Wall Level Sensing
Do you need to measure or monitor the level of product in totally enclosed or pressurised vessels?

The new system provides a wide range of control options from single point level switching to continuous level measurement, and can be utilised in a variety of applications including hazardous and aggressive media (Zones 1 and 2), hygenic environments and in applications with foam on the liquid surface.

  • Level measurement of liquids and liquified gases
  • Wet and dry pipe detection
  • Pump protection
  • Gas bubble detection in pipes
  • Leakage detection of double lined tanks
  • Tank overflow detection
Container Materials
  • Steel, Stainless Steel and other metals
  • Plastic including PVC and compound materials
  • Enamelled containers
  • Glass and Glass Lined vessels

Available for fixed installation with fastening to the exterior of vessels, or as portable units this new level measurement system is ideal for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology and power generation industries.

OptiCount BarCheck Glue Detection Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
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OptiCount BarCheck Glue Detection  
The OptiCount system from LPC is a discrete, low maintenance, effective people counting system, used in a variety of applications from visitor attractions to retail premises. With more suppliers printing bar coded labels "in-house" the LPC BarCheck offers a cost effective, reliable method of scanning products regardless of orientation to ensure that they are carrying correct and readable bar codes. In applications from box packaging lines to paper bag manufacturing, the system will give reliable monitoring of glue application that could be affected by nozzle blockages, glue pump failure or other mechanical defects.  

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