BarCheck - Bar Code Verification

Can you afford the cost of customer product rejection, the cost of customer loss of confidence and the costs associated with return of product - all because your products are not carrying readable or correct barcodes, or are not carrying any barcodes

Can you provide your customers with assurances that your products are carrying barcodes which are:

present correct readable

With LPC BarCheck you can.

Suitable for most major barcodes, the system provides 100% inspection and validation of product barcodes - any product not carrying a barcode, carrying a wrong code or unreadable code will cause the system to alarm (audible and visual, stopping the production line or rejecting the product).
This cost effective, simple to install and operate system provides assurance that products despatched are code correct.

BarCheck systems start from only 900, systems can however be designed to suit customer specific requirements - simply contact us with your requirements.


Automatic label and production control
100% check on all product barcodes
Increased customer confidence
Early incorrect code identification
Early non readable code detection
Early missing code detection
Cost savings



Download Powerpoint Presentation about BarCheck


For further information on the LPC BarCheck barcode validation system and how it could benefit you contact us TODAY.

If barcodes are causing you a problem visit our barcode page or contact our team of engineers for advice.

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