Barcode Scanners

SICK barcode scanners

The use of barcodes is now prevalent throughout industry and in particular in the retail sector. The information carried by these barcodes is used extensively for sales analysis, product distribution and for product/batch traceability.

LPC as part of its product portfolio can supply a comprehensive range of fixed and handheld scanners suitable for use in a wide variety of environments and capable of reading major barcode types.

Recognising the importance of barcodes within industry and the problems faced with missing, incorrect or unreadable barcodes within industry and the problems faced with missing, incorrect or unreadable barcodes on products LPC have developed our innovative solution in the form of the LPC BarCheck system.

Fixed Scanners
Reading Range50-400mm
Scanning Frequency 200-800 HZ
Reading Range30-270mm
Scanning Frequency200-250 Hz
Reading Range50-400mm
Scanning Frequency 200-1200 HZ
Reading Range50-800mm
Scanning Frequency300-800 Hz
Reading Range100-750mm
Scanning Frequency200-600 HZ
Reading Range150-1450mm
Scanning Frequency200-600 Hz
Reading Range80-950mm
Scanning Frequency400-800 HZ
Reading Range500-2200mm
Scanning Frequency400-800 Hz
sick fixed

sick fixed

Handheld Scanners
Reading Rangeup to 25mm
Reading Width60mm
Scanning Frequency100 HZ
Reading Rangeup to 25mm
Reading Width80mm
Scanning Frequency100 HZ
Reading Range0-220mm
Reading Width60-125mm
Scanning Frequency112 HZ
Reading Range45-520mm
Reading Width125mm
Scanning Frequency270 HZ
Reading Range0-500mm
Reading Width300mm
Scanning Frequency36+/-3 HZ
Reading Range60-2250mm
Reading Width500mm
Scanning Frequency36+/-3 HZ
Reading Rangeup to 170mm
Reading Widthup to 180mm
Scanning Frequency112 HZ
Reading Range60-2250mm
Reading Width500-790mm
Scanning Frequency112 HZ
sick handhelds

sick handhelds

sick handhelds

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