Brad Harrison


  • Small robust design
  • Universal design
  • Protection to IP68
  • Wide range of options
  • Wireable connectors
  • 2 LED indication available
  • Wide variety of cable types
Connector type Wiring Cable type Length Indication Part Number
PVC Yellow 2m Standard C-5-2M-4W
PVC Yellow 2m LED NPN C-5-2M-NPN-4W
PVC Yellow 2m LED PNP C-5-2M-PNP-4W
PVC Yellow 5m Standard C-5-5M-4W
PUR Black 2m Standard C-5-2M-PUR-4W
PUR Black 5m Standard C-5-5M-PUR-4W
SJTO Yellow 2m Standard C-5-2M-SJTU
SJTO Yellow 5m Standard C-5-5M-SJTU
PVC Yellow 2m Standard C-90-2M-4W
PVC Yellow 2m LED NPN C-90-2M-NPN-4W
PVC Yellow 2m LED PNP C-90-2M-PNP-4W
PVC Yellow 5m Standard C-90-5M-4W
PUR Black 2m Standard C-90-2M-PUR-4W
PUR Black 5m Standard C-90-5M-PUR-4W
SJTO Yellow 2m Standard C-90-2M-SJTU
SJTO Yellow 5m Standard C-90-5M-SJTU
  • Contact Material: Gold over brass

  • Contact Carrier: Nylon 6/6

  • Over-mould material: PVC
  • Coupling material: Standard- E-coated zinc. Optional- Stainless Steel, - Non-metallic (Delrin)

  • Seal: Nitrile o-ring
  • Voltage rating: 10 to 30 volts dc (LED) , 250 Vac / 300 Vdc (standard)

  • Current rating: 4 ampere
  • LED indication: Power-Green , Function-Yellow

  • Protection class: IP68
WIREABLE CONNECTORS - FEMALE Other Cable Lengths on Request
M 12 Micro Connector type Wiring Part Number Technical Specification
  • Contact material: Silver plated brass
  • Wire termination: Screw terminal
  • Wire gauge: 0.75mm² maximum
  • Shell material: Black PA6
  • Coupling material: Standard - Nickel plated brass
  • Seal: Nitrile o-ring
  • Voltage rating: 4 pole - 125 volts a.c./150 volts d.c.
  • Current rating: 4 ampere
  • Protection class: IP 67
  • Cable diameter Pg7 -2.5 to 6.5mm
BG11553-X Use to convert NA, J + DLS standard Photocells to connector types

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