CAL 3200 Temperature Controller


 Today, small is not only beautiful - it's powerful too!

Advanced technology comes in smaller and smaller packages. Today's hand-held computers or automatic cameras have the processing power of a room-full of 1970's computers, and these gains in speed and capability owe much to the miniaturisation of circuits - now often smaller than a postage stamp

There are two good reasons for industrial control products to take advantage of the technology which makes this power-to-size increase possible: greater benefits and better value for money

With this in mind, we applied the concept to industrial temperature controllers: the result is the 1/32 DIN CAL 3200, backed by thorough development and our 30 years experience in the field. Efficient, automated production and computer-assisted test equipment ensure consistent quality and reliability

 Electrical connections and outputs

Dual outputs are standard, just key in the preferred output device for the main setpoint (SP1) to suit the application. Choose either the solid state relay drive (SSd) to switch a remote SSR, or the 2Amp/250V~ relay. The remaining output is automatically allocated to the second setpoint

Example A 

The SSd output is allocated to SP1 and wired to switch the load (heater) using an SSR

Example B 

The relay output is allocated to SP1 and wired to switch the load (heater) using a contactor

Technical specification
Supply voltage 90-264Va.c. 50-60Hz - (730-004)
12V ac/dc Range 9.6 to 14.4V - (196-6305)
24V ac/dc Range 19.6 to 28.8V - (196-6311)
Power consumption 2.5VA
Control temperature range -200 to +1800°C
(sensor dependant) -273 to +3272°F
Front bezel sealing IP65
Switching capabilities
Relay output 2A/250Va.c.(resistive)
SSR drive supplies 10mA @ 5V d.c.
Sensor types
Thermocouple B,E,J,K,L,N,R,S,T
RTD pt100
Temperature coefficient 150ppm/C SM
Reference conditions 22C +/-2C° rated voltage after 
15 minutes settling time
Calibration accuracy +/-0.25% , +/-1C

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