CAL 9900 Temperature Controller

 Main Features

  • Full Feature Autotune
  • Clear Bright Digital Display
  • Positive Feel Control Buttons
  • Robust Reliable Output Relays
  • Dual Output: Standard
  • High Accuracy
  • Versatility
  • Comprehensive Alarm Features
  • Cool Strategy
  • Parameter Modification Security
  • Performance Monitor/Diagnostics
Technical Specification
Supply voltages 110V a.c. or 240V d.c. +10% -15%
Power consumption 5VA
Control temperature range -200 to +1800°C (sensor dependant)
Front bezel sealing IP54
Switching capabilities
SP1 relay 5A 250V a.c.
SP1 SSR drive 25mA 5V d.c.
SP2 relay 3A 250V a.c.
SP2 SSR drive 25mA 5V d.c.
Sensor types
thermocouple J,K,R,S,T,E,L,N
RTD pt100
Linear process inputs 0-20mV 4-20mV
Temperature coefficient 150ppm/C sensor span
Reference conditions 22C +/- 2°C after 30 mins settling time
Calibration accuracy +/-0.25% of sensor full scale
+/- 1C

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