EGE Flow Sensors

Amplifier · Series 400

Amplifiers for use with equipment in hazardous areas 
  • [EEx ia] IIC
  • LED adjustment
  • Cable-break monitoring
  • Time delay
  • DIN rail mounting

These amplifiers are designed for fitting onto standard DIN rails. They feature an LED line
 to give a visual indication of flow rates and for ease of setting. The red LED indicates that
 the flow relay is not activated. A yellow LED indicates that flow has just exceeded the set
 threshold value and the flow relay is activated. Four green LED's indicate that flow has
 exceeded the set threshold value by between 30 and 100% and the flow relay is activated.
 An additional output indicating temperature can be set by potentiometer. When the pre-set
 temperature is exceeded, the relay is activated and a red LED is displayed. A time delay
 function is also standard on these units which is adjustable between 0 and 25 seconds. The
 slimline version is for DC operation. This device does not have the temperature or time
 delay functions. It offers the user a lower cost alternative when only a flow out-put is
 required, or when space in the panel is limited.


flow sensor / amplifier

SZA 400 Ex-230 230 V AC
SZA 400 Ex-115 115 V AC
SZA 400 Ex-24 24 V DC

Monitoring and additional functions



The amplifier SZA Ex... can operate with sensors of the series 400 which are allowed for Zone 1 (ST...) or Zone 2 (STS.../STEX). The amplifiers have to be mounted outside the hazardous area. The amplifiers have in addition to the standard functions a complete cable-break and short circuit monitoring. Failures are by falling the relay as well as visually through the red LED shown.

Technical Data
Supply Voltage SZA 400...
Ex-24 Ex-115 Ex-230
24V DC 115V AC 230V AC
Tolerance +/- 15% +/- 10% +/- 10%
Power consumption approx. 2.3W 2.2VA 2.2VA
galvanic isolation between 

control circuit, 

measuring circuit 

and power supply

375 Vs
Sign [EEx ia] IIC
Confirmation of conformity PTB No. Ex-93.C.2020 

ASEV 95.1 10889

Max. values
Voltage Uo 13.65 V
Current Ik 200 mA
Internal resistance Rj 68.3 ohms
Power Pm 0.69 W
external inductivity 0.5 mH
external capacity 170 nF
Switching output Relay/1 change-over
Control circuit AC
Voltage Umax 250 V
Current Imax 4 A
Load cos > or = to 0.7
Control circuit DC
Voltage Umax 60 V
Current Imax 0.5 A
Load L/R < or = to 50 ms
Ambient temperature -20...60°C
Time delay-off adjustable 0...25 s

monitoring sensor

all wires
Short circuit 


all wires
Connection terminal screws
Setting range of the 

flow velocity

depends on the 

detection range of the 

connected sensors

For further information please contract LPC

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