EGE Flow Sensors

Sensors Zone 1 · Series 400

Sensors for use in hazardous areas 
  • Flow and level control
  • Adjustable above and below set-point
  • Flow failure monitoring
  • For mounting in pipes and tanks
flow sensors - hazardous areas

Many of the EGE flow sensors are approved for use in hazardous areas. Units are available
 for use in both Zone 1 and Zone 0 areas. Only sensors for which a certificate of conformity
 has been issued by the PTB can be used in Zone 0. The sensor and the corresponding
 amplifier must be approved as a functional unit. Switching amplifiers that are not mentioned
 on the certificate must not be used. Our experts can advise you on the correct choice. If
 sensors, or sensor cables need to be outdoors, a lightning protection unit must be installed.
 This accessory is inserted into the sensor line, between the sensor and the switching
 amplifier. It limits lightning-induced voltages on the sensor line and diverts them to earth.
 Intrinsically safe switching amplifiers have galvanic separation between the intrinsically safe
 and non intrinsically safe zones. The switching amplifier must always be mounted in the safe

flow sensorsflow sensors

ST 3 K G1/2 Long thread Cable
ST 12 K G1/2 Short thread Cable

Technical Data

Confirmations of conformity ST...
PTB No. Ex-93.C.2170
Sign EEx ib IIC
Internal Capacity neglectably small
Internal Inductivity neglectably small
Temperature classes max. ambient temperature
T6 50°C
T5 65°C
T4 70°C
Setting range
Water (nominal flow) 1...100 cm/s (20 cm/s)
Oil (nominal flow) 3...200 cm/s (60 cm/s)
Air (nominal flow) 2...20 m/s (4 m/s)
Temperature range -20...70°C
Temperature gradient 250°C/min 
Thermal shock time typ. 12 s
Standby time typ. 8 s (2...18 s)
On transition time typ. 2 s (1...13 s)
Off transition time typ. 2 s (1...15 s)
Protection (DIN 40050)
Cable IP 68
Plug version IP 67
Material sensor (DIN 17440) Stainless steel AISI-316 Ti
Tightening torque thread 100 Nm
Connection cable version 2m PUR blue / 4 x 0.25 mm²
Connection plug version Universal plug
flow sensors

Code: BK=black BN=brown BU=blue GN=green YE=Yellow GY=grey PK=pink WH=white
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