Herga footswitches, safety systems,  pressure vacuum + air switches

herga footswitches, safety systems, pressure, vacuum and air switches

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Herga Electric products form a core part of the LPC product portfolio - the range incorporating footswitches, airswitches,pressure & vacuum switches and safety systems as detailed below


herga footswitch
  • Choice of colours, logos, cables and plugs for OEM customers
  • Die-cast aluminium footswitches for long life and heavy duty use
  • Low profile plastic switches for foot and hand operations
  • Potentiometer foot controls to give variable outputs
  • Double multi and extra wide pedal options
  • Choice of switch actions
  • Non-electric air operated footswitches for safety and wet environments


herga airswitch
  • Non-electric remote systems
  • Waterproof, cannot become 'live' even when damaged
  • Immune to EMC, water, dirt, dust and flammable gases
  • Simple installation by non-technical staff
  • Comparable with or lower cost to conventional electric controls
  • Removes the need to comply with a multitude of international standards
  • Choice of switch actions
  • Sensitive action for use by the less able bodied 


herga pressure and vacuum switch
  • Available from 2.5 mbar to 13.78 bar
  • Single or double pole
  • Choice of gold or silver contacts you need for your application
  • Choice of diaphragm material for improved chemical resistance
  • Printed circuit board mounted options
  • Low cost mini non-adjustable switches for OEM applications
  • High repeatability at the same pressure point
  • Rising, falling or differential pressure
  • Bespoke factory pressure settings available
  • Ideal for use in chemical process, leak testing, beverage dispensing and medical applications


herga safety systems
  • Safety mats for industrial machine guarding
  • Safety bumpers for transfer cars and AGV's
  • Safety edges for doors and moving guards
  • Custom designed sensors for medical, security and OEM applications
  • Unique intrinsic fibre optic pressure sensing technology
  • Control systems up to safety category 3
  • CE and BG approvals available
  • Controls to meet EMC requirements of European Directive 89/336/EEC
  • Designed to meet or exceed forthcoming European legislation


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