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Siemens Modular LOGO!

Innovative switching and control - LOGO! has been doing that for a long time, and will continue to do so in the future because LOGO! has gone modular. That means you will only need one LOGO! as the basic element, and a suitable module for the application. This allows you to reduce costs and be much more flexible in planning and modifications.

With only two designs you are fully equipped for any application:

  • LOGO!Basic (with display and keypad or software in four voltage versions)
  • LOGO!Pure(version without display and keypad)

Apart from the modularisation, there are a whole range of technical innovations for LOGO!Basic and LOGO!Pure

Extend your LOGO! with Modules

  • A whole series of different modules is available which have only half the width of a LOGO! - the series including
  • Three digital modules for extending the digital inputs and outputs (with 4DI/DO each)
  • One analogue module for extending the analogue input and outputs (2AI are already integrated in the LOGO! 24 and 12/24RC), optionally 0-10V or 0-20mA.
  • Three communications modules for AS-Interface, LON and Konnex(EIB) networks
  • LOGO! Modular extendable up to a maximum of 40 Inputs and Outputs

Universal application

The LOGO! logic module is a compact, easy-to-use and low-cost solution for simple control tasks. LOGO! is universally applicable, e.g. :

  • Building installation and wiring (lighting, shutters, awnings, doors, access control, barriers, ventilation systems...)

  • Cabinet installation
  • Machine and component manufacturing (pumps, small presses, compressors...)
  • Special controllers for conservatories, greenhouses

Simple operation

Using LOGO! is made very simple by the following features:

  • Key operator panel and display panel in one unit; no other accessories are required

  • Stored basic functions (e.g. AND, OR) and special functions (e.g. latching relay) for electrical engineering
  • Program writing simply by combining stored functions at the press of a key
  • Non-volatile storage of control program and setpoints (e.g. times) in integrated EPROM
  • Easy-to-use and simple duplication of the control program with an optional program module


logo pureWithout the display and keypad the LOGO!Pure is a lot cheaper and you can even cost-effectively replace 2-3 conventional units with LOGO! The absence of a keypad and display offers safety from tampering. The LOGO!Pure is 100% compatible with LOGO!Basic and can be programmed with LOGO!Soft.


LOGO! Accessories

logo powerThe perfect power supply for the LOGO! logic modules is available in the form of LOGO!Power.


logo softwareThe optional programming software LOGO!Soft, is available in 6 different languages and enables convenient generation, testing, simulation, changing, archiving and printing of control programs on the PC - even independently of LOGO! The program can be transferred to LOGO! and vice versa in the simplest possible way via the LOGO! PC cable.


logo soft comfortAlso available is LOGO!Soft Comfort, a "drag and drop" controlled programming suite. With LOGO!Soft Comfort, you can create your control programs more efficiently , more conveniently, and with greater readability than ever before.


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