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Positive Displacement Flowmeters

 Macnaught Flowmeters


Macnaught Flowmeters
LPC have added the Macnaught range of positive displacement flowmeters to the extensive range of automation & control products.


M-Series meters will accurately measure, mix, batch and dose an extremely wide variety of fluid mediums - including aggressive and intrinsically safe applications. A choice of construction and sealing materials coupled with high viscosity and high temperature options enable the engineer to select a model which is tailored to the application at hand.

Macnaught Flowmeters

Reliability & Accuracy

M-Series flow meters are based on the proven oval rotor principle, ensuring high accuracy and repeatability. Precision engineering eliminates pockets, in which liquid can stagnate, within the measuring chamber of the flow meter.

A pair of intermeshing ellipsoidal gears rotate on shafts and sweep the chamber. Each rotation measures a small volume of trapped liquid, independent of viscosity or density. Magnets located in the gears enable each rotation to be picked up by reed switches or hall sensors located in a secondary chamber within the meter body. A nominal pulses-per-litre value is arrived at in this way. Each meter is individually tested to ensure that it performs within calibration parameters. The results are detailed on the NATA traceable certificate which accompanies each flow meter.

 Macnaught Flowmeters
 Minimum Maintenance

M-Series meters are designed to contain very few wearable and replaceable parts. Meter construction enables fast and easy on-site servicing without the need to remove the body from the pipe work.


Macnaught M-Series Flowmeters

M05 0.008 to 0.833 Litres/min [NEW]
M1 0.03 to 1.6 Litres/min
M2 0.25 to 8.33 Litres/min
M4 1 to 30 Litres/min
M7 3 to 80 Litres/min
M10 6 to 120 Litres/min
M40 10 to 250 Litres/min
M50 15 to 350 Litres/min
M80 33 to 733Litres/min [NEW]

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