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micromaster 440

micromaster 440

The MICROMASTER 440 inverter is suitable for a wide variety of variable speed drive applications such as control of pumps fans and conveyor systems. It is especially suitable for positioning applications in crane systems, high bay warehouse systems, the food & drinks industry, the packaging industry and the textile industry.

The MICROMASTER 440 can be used in both stand-alone applications as well as being integrated into Automation Systems. It is especially characterized by its customer oriented performance and ease of use. In addition, its large supply voltage range enables it to be used all over the world.

Main Characteristics

  • Output up to 75kW (Constant Torque) or 90kW (Variable Torque)
  • Simple Commissioning
  • Modular construction allows maximum configuration flexibility
  • Six fully programmable isolated digital inputs
  • Two scalable analogue inputs can also be used as a 4th digital input
  • Two programmable analogue output s(0 mA to 20 mA)
  • Three fully programmable relay outputs
  • Silent motor operation is possible when using high switching frequencies
  • Complete inverter and motor protection.

Performance Features

  • Latest IGBT technology
  • Digital microprocessor control
  • High Quality Vector Control System
  • Flux control (FCC) for improved dynamic response and optimized motor control
  • Linear V/f control
  • Quadratic V/f control
  • Programmable V/f characteristic
  • Torque Control
  • Flying restart
  • Slip compensation
  • Automatic restart facility following power or fault
  • High grade PID controller (auto-tuning) for process control
  • Programmable acceleration/deceleration, 0s to 650s
  • Ramp smoothing
  • Fact current limit (FCL) for trip operation
  • Fast, repeatable digital input response time
  • Integral brake chopper

Protection Features

  • Overload capability 150% of rated load current for a period of 60s within 5 min
  • Overvoltage / undervoltage protection
  • Inverter overtemperature protection
  • Motor protection using PTC via digital input
  • Earth fault protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Locked motor protection
  • Stall prevention
  • Parameter interlock, using PIN


  • EMC filters Class A/B
  • Line commutating chokes
  • Output chokes
  • Gland plates
  • BOP basic operator panel for parameterizing an inverter
  • AOP advanced operator panel with plain text and multi-lingual display
  • PROFIBUS-DP communications module
  • PC connection kits
  • Assembly kits for mounting the operator panels in the control cabinet doors
  • PC commissioning tool, runs under Windows 95/NT
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Micromaster 440


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