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Pushbutton units and indicator lights have a key function in the connection between man and machinery. Consequently, they have to be highly functional and robust, both qualities are evident in the Siemens Signum range.


Siemens offers the 3SB1 program for a mounting diameter of 22 mm and 30 mm.

The 3SB2 program for a mounting diameter of 16 mm is especially suitable for use in small control panels. The specialty of the 3SB2: Interlocking mosaic panels are assembled from individual mosaic tiles.

The SIGNUM® 3SB3 family is available in square design for an opening of 26 mm x 26 mm and in round design for a mounting diameter of 22 mm, with different enclosures. SIGNUM® 3SB3 is communication-capable with AS-Interface and PROFIBUS-DP. The quality of design has repeatedly been assigned awards by renowned industrial design juries. The SIGNUM® Metallic 3SB3 in a round design for a nominal diameter of 22 mm is a range that has been produced for the world market to the IP 67 degree of protection and NEMA 4.

Savings in time cost & space

The Signum actuators and lens assemblies are mounted in the front panel from the front. When they are inserted into the front panel they are fastened immediately by means of sealing grommets. The holder is fitted over the collar from behind and tightened with a screwdriver. It does not need to be steadied. This rapid "installation by a single person" method cuts the time for mounting by 55% compared with the ring nut method.

The Signum pushbuttons and contact blocks have a mechanical and electrical life of over 57 years. The double moving contacts in our auxiliary blocks are reliable even down to 5VDC 1mA electronic signals:- ideal for I/O. In addition the snap on blocks are fully vibration proof. These features represent a real saving in maintenance costs.
Cage Clamp contact blocks and lamp holders offer a simple three step operation with a secure, maintenance free termination every time. Clamp "bites" into cable providing gas tight connection and vibration proof so there is no need to keep re-tightening. The smaller blocks allow side-by-side mounting representing front panel space savings even with 22mm devices.

Siemens Signum CD

Signum Software

Also available to help save time is the Signum SB3 selection software. The software contains a Control panel designer allowing the user to specify panel dimensions, select components, position them on panel, print out drilling template, print out parts listings. Also on the compact disc is an order form generator, animated product demos and a 3SB1 to 3SB3 converter.



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