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In the interplay between ultra-sensitive electronic loads, suitable power supplies can make an important contribution to safety, service life and economic viability. The switched-mode power supplies from the SITOP power family fulfill these requirements to an optimal degree whether in:

the processing industry
industrial plant construction
automotive industry
domestic applications

The high degree of efficiency guarantees low power consumption and keeps the operating temperature low. SITOP power's stabilized and filtered 24 V output voltage protects the loads against overvoltage and therefore against failure. Even where the input voltage has a wide fluctuation range, SITOP power ensures a continuously stable output voltage in which mains interference, voltage peaks and HF noise are perfectly corrected. This increases the service life and enhances the operating safety of connected devices.

Last but not least, SITOP power's light weight and ease of mounting make it easier to handle and so contribute to cost minimization. The SITOP power family covers all applications in the 24 V sector in the range from 50 to 1000 W. Depending on requirements, there are stabilized power supplies from 2 A to 40 A available that can be expanded to form an uninterruptible power system.

SITOP connection system cables

SITOP connection provides you with the ideal system cables for SIMATIC S5, S7 (under the name SIMATIC Top connect), C7 and SICOMP industrial microcomputers. The individual components are connected to each other in the switching cabinet quickly, safely and in a manner that makes servicing easy.

With its three variants fully modular, modular and flexible connection, SITOP connection can be adapted individually to all requirements in the switching cabinet.

You make significant time savings because plugging in standardized connection elements is simply faster than connecting large numbers of individual wires. You avoid errors, because it is impossible to mix up individual conductors. You get a clearer overview. The cable runs are easy to follow and everything is kept neat and tidy. You get everything from a single source with the familiar Siemens quality, and from one single order - thus simplifying your logistics.

The bottom line is that you save money. Your SIMATIC can be commissioned faster, thereby providing an earlier return on your investment. Your installation engineers gain time for other tasks.

In plant engineering it is standard practice to use a terminal board where a central design is adopted. With the I/O Manager it is possible to route and manage two thirds of the terminal points simply via software. Here, the most time-consuming terminal points are eliminated, namely those on the controller and those on the routing side of the terminal board. The high costs in configuring and wiring are also eliminated. The I/O Manager now permits streamlined wiring of the terminal board and relocates routing to the software. The I/O Manager communicates as a standard PROFIBUS slave.

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