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Programmable Logic Controllers s7-200


The SIMATIC S7-200 is renowned for it's simplicity, speed and excellent communications. It is used in hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide and has help to extended the possibilities of automation solutions. The S7-200 is a small but powerful unit that can reduce overheads, save time, improve quality and create scope for innovation at the lowest possible price. Wherever time relays, contactors, centralised controllers or expensive tailor made electronic systems are used the S7-200 offers a significantly more economical alternative.

The SIMATIC S7-200 optimises all applications in the low end to mid performance ranges, in either stand alone or networked applications, with integrated interfaces, user friendly software with powerful instruction set and real time technology to meet any requirements.

The SIMATIC S7-200 range has been re-launched with the introduction of the next generation CPUs. The new units retain all the field proven features while at the same time making the simple simpler, the fast faster and the highly communicative even more communicative. The compact new additions consist of the CPU 221, CPU 222 and CPU 224.

STEP 7- Micro/Win

The STEP 7-Micro/Win programming software makes the units incredibly easy to use, even for first time users, and are even more friendly thanks to the new software wizards and simple "drag and drop" functionality of the instruction set. The wizards prompt you via menus to simply specify a few parameters and then an executable program is automatically generated. Using the "drag and drop" facility, instructions are selected simply by dragging and dropping from instruction folders. You can show and program several projects simultaneously on screen using STEP 7-Micro/Win and you can copy entire program sections from one program to another.

An electronic simulator for virtual program testing, variable and block status display and the facility for programming and plant monitoring via modem from anywhere in the world make STEP 7-Micro/Win a unique tool. The simple program structure of STEP 7-Micro/Win makes programming very easy. Subroutines, for example, are simply appended to the main program and called directly after processing of just a few instructions for extremely high speed control. The new controllers are 40% smaller and 70% faster. This means that the new range of SIMATIC S7-200 CPU's are recommended for innovative solutions. From flexible stand alone distributed control of individual machines, up to complex networked solutions for highly dynamic processes.

Real Time

Real time features are decisive for micro systems. They determine the cycle time of your plant or machine. Safely mastering the overall process at all times means increasing quality, efficiency and safety. The real time characteristics of the SIMATIC S7-200 micro system are unsurpassed around the world in this class. With 70% more speed, the new additions to the range reliably master even extremely complex sequences and processes - for top performance in any field. The real time characteristics include:
· 4 or 6 autonomous hardware counters with each 30kHz each, e.g. for integrated high speed 4-edge evaluation for high precision path monitoring with incremental encoders or for the fastest possible counting of process events
· 4 autonomous interrupt inputs, with 0.2 ms input filter times to program reaction - for maximum process response
· 2 pulse outputs, 20 kHz each with pulse-width modulation as well as pulse pause specification e.g. for control of stepper motors
· 2 time interrupts selectable from 1 ms in intervals of 1 ms for time initiated control of processes that change quickly over time
· High speed analog inputs - signal conversion with 25µs, 12 bit resolution
· Analog potentiometer - for intuitive adjustment of program variables
· Real-time clock







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