Quick, Uncomplicated and Economical: Programming your BEROs with SONPROG


The Siemens BERO® proximity switches have proved their worth in a variety of applications, including arduous conditions. With the PC program SONPROG, you can now make even better use of the numerous advantages of the Sonar BERO Compact Ranges II and III. SONPROG represents a quick, uncomplicated way to even more versatile and economical use of BERO proximity switches in industry.

Interface for optimised matching

The SONPROG program provides you with an interface by means of which all the parameters of the Sonar BERO can be quickly examined, modified and consequently matched to special application conditions.

Adjustable parameters for compact ranges II and III

Additional adjustable parameters for compact range III

SONPROG brings significant advantages

The SONPROG PC program consequently greatly simplifies your system maintenance and documentation procedures.

Software, hardware

The SONPROG program is suitable for all MS-DOS compatible computers as of Version 3.1, and for a graphics-capable CGA, EGA or VGA screen. The 3RX3000 interface is connected to one of the serial interfaces (COM1 or COM2) of the PC. The fixed cable features a 9-pin plug. Standard adapters can be used. The scope of supply comprises the interface with power supply cable, the connecting lead to the BERO and to the PC, and the SONPROG program.

Sonar BERO proximity switches of compact ranges II and III

The Sonar BERO emits ultrasonic pulses. When these are reflected by an object, the BERO can pick up the echo produced and convert it into an output signal. Objects in solid, liquid, granular or powder form can be detected. The switches of the compact ranges are supplied complete and ready for connection; they are, moreover, suitable for work with standard PLCs.

Special advantages of compact range II

Additional advantages of compact range III

Further information

Catalogue NS 3.1
Sonar BERO
Program Overview
Fig. 1
Distance ranges of Sonar BERO compact ranges II and III
Fig. 2
Characteristic curve of analogue output (rising or falling) for compact range III

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