Switching off Dangers with Contactors in Safety Circuits


 1 Safety imperative

Safety circuits are always a source of headache to the constructors, operators and safety personnel of modern industrial machines.

The responsibility in this sector is great, as with the increasing tempo of production and growing complexity of such plants small errors in the electrical control system can already have far-reaching effects - effects on man and machine and effects on economic running.

Technical safety standards and legal regulations such as European Standards and accident prevention regulations control much of this area.

In addition to national standards, European and international norms are gaining in importance due to increased involvement with both the European market and international markets.

Both producers and distributors bear responsibility.

Switches from Siemens for safety circuits can relieve the user of this responsibility to a great extent:

They correspond to the relevant regulations and norms and are internationally tested and approved.

These pages give you a good idea of the abilities and advantages that the safety switches from Siemens offer.

We have divided this section of the site into fundamentals and circuit diagrams to help you when working. In the table of contents page you can always find the information you are looking for quickly.

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