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Banner photoelectric beam sensors

The extensive range of Banner optical sensors available from LPC is uniquely suited to the needs of industry, with over 1000 products there is sure to be one suited to your application.

If you would like further details of the any of the BANNER optical sensor range, or if you have a potential application and would like technical advice from our applications engineers, or if you would simply like price and availability details then please contact us.


 Modular Photoelectric Beam Switches

 . Maxi - Beam
 . Standard Omni-Beam Sensor
 . Q45 Omni-Beam Series Sensor

 Photoelectric touch buttons

 . OTB and LTB touch buttons

Presence PLUS sensorPresence PLUS sensor

LPC introduce the very latest in visual product quality inspection systems - the PresencePLUS from Banner, a pixel-counting sensor which eliminates the need for multiple discrete sensor configurations which are often costly and mechanically impractical.

The PresencePLUS sensor is an advanced inspection system that captures a 256-level gray-scale image of a defined area, converts the image to white and black pixels, and renders a Pass of Fail judgement of the image by comparison with the number of designated colour pixels using a user-programmed reference count.

The PresencePLUS system offers both automatic setup for basic applications and user-programmable functions for the most exacting applications - all at an affordable price.

The PresencePLUS system programming is accomplished through a hand-held remote controller that attaches to the sensor with a modular coiled card, the LCD screen in the remote controller displaying the programming options, captured images, and diagnostics during sensor operation.

Only one remote controller is required when using multiple sensors, and up to four sets of program parameters can be uploaded from the sensors to the controller and saved.

The QuickStart menu enables simple programming, just point the sensor at a 'good' product and ENTER, the system automatically sets the judgement criteria based on 5 image captures and programs pass or fail at 15% above or below the reference pixel count.

Two highly visible LEDs on the camera based sensor provide an indication of the sensor and judgement status at a glance. Available with a variety of lenses (8,12,16mm) the PresencePLUS is supported with a range of accessories including brackets, light sources and filters.

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