Micro/Midimaster Drives

The MICRO/MIDIMASTER Vector products are frequency converters for the speed control of ac induction motors in the power range 120 to 75 W. They are compact in design to allow installation in the minimum possible space. They are usable in a wide range of applications - from automatic car wash machines to conveyers. Sensorless vector control allows the use of MICRO/MIDIMASTER in more demanding applications such as lifts, packing machines and industrial washing machines

Main Characteristics

· Wide voltage range for worldwide applications
· Comprehensive power range from 120W to 75kW
· Overload capacity: 1.5 rated output current for 60 seconds
· 2 x rated output current for 3 seconds
· Compliance with national and international standards
· Suitable for single and multi-motor applications
· Common user interface for ease of use
· Space saving, compact construction and mounting
· Built-in DIN rail mounting (for smallest frame size)
· Suitable for integration into an autoamtion system via PROFIBUS-DP or the built-in serial interface (USS protocol)
· Extensive protection against earth faults, short-circuits, over-temperature, under-voltage, seized motor
· Integrated class A EMC filter for all 1-phase input units
· Automatic re-start / flying re-start after mains breaks (selectable)
· Motor PTC input
· Parameter sets, selectable using Clear Text Operator Panel

Performance Features

·Sensorless Vector Control with adaptive motor model for high dynamic performance and very high starting torque under all conditions
· Overload capability of 200% for 3 secs
· Optimal dynamics response time achieved with fast custom built ASIC design

Protection Features

· Inverter overvoltage/undervoltage
· Inverter overtemperature protection
· 12t motor thermal protection
· Motor PTC input
· Locked rotor protection
· Earth fault protection
· Short circuit protection


· Plain text multi-language operator contol panel (OPM2) standard with MIDIMASTER Vector - up to 31 inverters may be simultaneously addressed through this operator control panel. Built-in RS232 interface allows simple connection to a PC
· Footprint Radio interference suppression filters for MICROMASTER Vector available to meet Class A and Class B compliance levels for all powers
· MIDIMASTER Vector is available with an integrated Class A filter to IP20
· Range of braking resistors for MICROMASTER Vector
· Braking Module and braking resistors for MIDIMASTER Vector
· PROFIBUS DP module running at 12 Mbaud
· SIMOVIS PC Program running under Windows
· Sinusoidal output filters
· Output chokes
· DV/dt output filter

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Micro/Midimaster Vector

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