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MICROMASTER frequency converters are designed for controlling low-voltage three-phase motors in constant and quadratic torque applications. They are compact in design to allow installation in the minimum possible space. They are usable in a wide range of applications - from automatic car wash machines to conveyers.

Main Characteristics

  • Broad ranges of operating voltage for worldwide applications
  • Comprehensive power range from 120 W to 7.5 kW
  • 1.5 x overload capability for 60 s
  • Compliance with international standards and prescriptions
  • Suitable for single and multi-motor drives
  • Common user interface for ease of use
  • Space saving, compact construction
  • Built-in DIN rail mounting (for smallest frame size)
  • Integration into an automation world via PROFIBUS-DP and USS protocol
  • Integrated class A EMC filter for all 1-phase frequency converters
  • Automatic restart/flying restart after mains breaks (selectable)

Performance Features

  • FCL (Fast Current Limit) for trip-free operation
  • Programmable acceleration/deceleration, 0.1s to 650s, with selectable ramp smoothing
  • Fine speed adjustment using a high resolution 10 bit analog setpoint channel
  • Selectable automatic or programmable boost for optimum starting
  • COMPOUND BRAKING™ for rapid controlled braking without the need for an external resistor

Protection Features

  • Inverter overvoltage/undervoltage
  • Inverter overtemperature protection
  • 12t motor thermal protection
  • Motor PTC input
  • Locked rotor protection
  • Earth fault protection
  • Short circuit protection


  • Plain text multi-language operator contol panel (OPM2) - up to 31 inverters may be simultaneously addressed through this operator control panel. Built-in RS232 interface allows simple connection to a PC
  • Footprint Radio interference suppression filters available to meet Class A and Class B compliance levels for all powers
  • PROFIBUS DP module running at 12 Mbaud
  • SIMOVIS PC Program running under Windows
  • Sinusoidal output filters
  • Output chokes
  • DV/dt output filter

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