Red Lion operator interfaces

 Red Lion Controls - Operator Interfaces

red lion operator interfaces

The range of Red Lion counters and displays featuring the Edict 97 software available from LPC provide a solution to all your display requirements.

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Operator Interfaces
* TX700T
* VX500T
* VX500
* VX550
* GL300T
* GL350
* GL300
* CX200
* CX150
* CX100
* CL20
* CL15
* CL10
* CL05

Large Message Displays
* LMC Large Message Centre Display
* LDD Large Digit Display

Panel Meters
* PAXP Smart Process Meter
* PAXD Smart Universal DC Meter
* DP5P Process Display
* DP5D Universal DC Display
* IMP Intelligent DC Process Meter
* IMD Intelligent Decade Meter (
* APLI/V Current or Voltage Meter
* CUB4LP Loop Powered Process Indicator
* CUB4CL Current Loop Indicator

* CUB4V/I DC Voltage or DC Current Meter
* PAXS Smart Strain Gauge Meter
* IMS Intelligent Strain Gauge Meter
* PAXH Smart AC Voltage/Current Meter
* IMH Intelligent AC Current Meter
* APLHV AC Power-Line Monitor
* PAXT Smart Temperature Meter
* DP5T Universal Temperature Display
* IMT Intelligent Thermocouple Meter (
* IMR Intelligent RTD Input Meter (
* IMY Intelligent Thermistor Meter
* CUB4TC Thermocouple Indicator
* CUB4RT RTD Temperature Indicator
* MDMV Miniature DC Voltmeter

large message displays


panel meters



If you would like further details of the any of the Red Lion range, or if you have a potential application and would like technical advice from our applications engineers, or if you would simply like price and availability details then please contact us.


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