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Safety in industry is an issue of great importance - and LPC, as automation & control specialists, have long been recognised as a source of technical expertise in the supply of safety equipment and systems to a variety of industries.
Our engineers can advise upon the best solution and equipment for any particular application whilst our relationships with manufacturers such as Sick, Siemens and Herga enable us to provide quality components at competitive prices - on safety issues we believe in providing only the best.
LPC Safety Support includes advice with applications assessment, electrical circuit specialist advice, recommendations on mounting of light guards, installation of equipment and full after sales support.
Detailed below are just some of the range of safety components that we are able to provide, our engineers will be pleased to discuss any potential applications and recommend the best solution.
To find out how LPC can help you and for your FREE LPC Safety Products CD Catalogue - incorporating advice on practical machinery guarding contact us

safety products
safety products

Practical Machinery Guarding

LPC can offer advice on the most appropriate solution to machinery guarding, accounting for the process, legislation and practical aspects -our team of engineers are willing to advise on the best solution for YOU. If you want advice on machinery guarding contact us TODAY or download our practical guide to machinery guarding

download pdf - practical machinery guarding


safety products

C2000 Safety Light Grid

The C2000 safety light grid, rated category 2, consists of a transmitter and receiver unit. The system can perform test procedures, and coding options prevent interference from adjacent installations.


safety products

M2000 Photoelectric Safety Switch

The M2000, category 2, multi beam photoelectric safety switch consists of a transmitter and receiver and has a number of built in features including a self testing option and beam coding.

download pdf overview of C2000/M2000

download pdf technical details of C2000/M2000


safety products

C4000 Safety Light Curtain

The NEW C4000 safety light curtain, rated category 4, can be used as a finger, hand or body protection device on a variety of industrial applications. No matter what kind of safety challenge, point of danger or area, the C4000 offers an economical and individually configurable safety solution. With a small profile cross section, protective field heights of between 300 - 1800mm and capable of operating in either vertical or horizontal mounting the C4000 is a truly versatile safety product.

download pdf overview of C4000

download pdf technical details of C4000

safety products

MSL Multi Beam Safety

The MSL is a category 4 multi beam safety system consisting of a transmitter and receiver, available in various lengths and beam options.

download pdf overview of MSL

download pdf technical details of MSL

safety products

Proximity Laser Scanner

The PLS laser scanner, rated category 3, uses infra-red light to monitor its environment without the use of a reflector. The unit operates on the ‘time of flight’ principle and so can accurately measure the distance between itself and any object infringing upon its protected area.
The PLS horizontally scans over a 180degree arc up to a range of approximately 50m, the secure protective field having a radius of 4m whilst the warning zone has a potential radius of 15m. Field zones can be programmed to suit site conditions.

download pdf overview of PLS

download pdf technical details of PLS

download pdf technical details of Laser Scanner Interface

safety products
safety products

WSU/WEU Photoelectric Switch

The WSU/WEU photoelectric switch system, rated category 4, is a single beam non-contact protective system consisting of a transmitter and receiver. The path of light can be controlled with the use of mirrors - but this does reduce the scanning range.

download pdf technical details of WSU/WEU

safety products


We can supply an extensive range of electronic, mechanical and magnetic interlocks suited to the rigours of most industrial environments.

download pdf overview of interlocks

download pdf technical details of interlocks

safety products

Safety Switch Strips

The SIGUARD safety switch system consisting of evaluation module and switch strip are category 4 approved according to EN 954-1.
The evaluation unit is built into the narrow 22.5mm mounting rail housing and monitors the combination of transmitter and receiver. If the infra red beam passing between the transmitter and receiver within the rubber profile is interrupted then the evaluation unit will detect this and will activate a fail safe response, cutting the drive on machinery.
The mounting strip can be cut to any desired length and fastened to the protective edge, the profile is cut to the corresponding length and fitted into the strip mounting, the transmitter and receiver are then plugged into the profile and the cables connected to the monitoring unit.
The status of the system is displayed by two LEDs on the evaluation unit - supply voltage and enabling. The basic unit has two positive opening relay outputs which are used as enabling circuits.

download pdf details of SIGUARD safety switch strip

safety products

Cable Operated Switches

SIGUARD Cable Operated Switches (Pull Wire Systems) are used for monitoring or emergency stop facilities on particularly endangered environments such as conveyor systems
Available in moulded plastic or metal in a variety of configurations the switches have 2 contacts, 1NC and 1NO with a degree of protection of IP65 and latching according to EN 418.
The cable operated switches are held in free position by the pretension force of the cable - if the cable is broken or pulled the NC contact opens and the drive to the machine is cut. The NO contact is used for signalling purposes.

download pdf details of Cable Operated Switches

safety products

Safety Mats

These pressure sensitive safety mats are available in a variety of sizes (or can be made to suit) and are sensitive across the whole surface of the mat - detecting loads as low as 15kg. These units are designed to withstand repeated operation in rugged industrial environments and are used in conjunction with Hergalite controllers to provide an effective safety solution.

download pdf details of Herga safety products

safety products

Safety Relays

LPC can also supply the range Duelco emergency stop relays - including the motor standstill monitor relay for single and 3 phase motors. The motor standstill monitor relay which is rated category 4 ensures that motors have completely stopped before allowing any subsequent operations to take place.

download pdf details of Duelco Safety Relays

safety products


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